SBBC Scholarship

The South Bay Boardrider’s Club is all about community. The club was founded out of a desire to celebrate and grow our wonderful South Bay surf community. In the ensuing years, we have grown to include programs involving many aspects of the ocean loving life, including, competition, education, and good old fashioned spending time together.

One of our key objectives has been to do something meaningful to help young people along their journey in life. With that in mind we have launched our scholarship program. We know that learning and growth can take many shapes, and we want EVERY young person to know that if they are committed to learning and growing, we want to help. Whether it be a traditional 4-year university, trade school, service organization, or something entirely different, we want to hear about it, and if possible, provide support.


  • Graduating from high school this year?
  • Making plans to learn and grow in the future whether it be a trade school, college, or another adventure?
  • Looking for some financial assistance?

Look no further! SBBC is proud to offer Scholarships to selected graduating high school students. If you are looking to learn and grown, we want to help. Click on the link below to complete the application. Email the completed application to SBBC Scholarship by April 15, 2018.