JACK’S South Bay Showdown

Mar 25th, 2017 El Porto 42nd Street

Heat Draw

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Event Schedule

Grom Side
Time Division
7:30am Jr. Longboard round 1
8:30am Open Longboard round 1
9:00am Groms round 1
10:15am Boys round 1
11:45am Open Longboard Final
12:00pm Groms round 2
12:45pm Boys round 2
1:30pm Jr. Longboard Semi Final
2:00pm Micro Grom Assist round 1
2:30pm Grom repercharge
2:45pm Boys repercharge
3:00pm Micro Grom Final 20 minutes
3:20pm Micro Grom Assist Final 20 minutes
3:40pm Grom Final 20 minutes
4:00pm Jr. Longboard Final 20 minutes
4:20pm Boys Final 20 minutes
Adult Side
Time Divsion
7:30am Open Men's round 1
9:00am Juniors round 1
10:30am Jr Women round 1
11:15am Open Women's round 1
11:45am Juniors round 2
12:30pm Legends round 1
1:30pm Open Men's round 2
2:15pm Jr. Women repercharge
2:30pm Legends Semi Final
3:00pm Junior's repercharge 20 minutes
3:20pm Legends Final 20 minutes
3:40pm Open Men's repercharge 20 minutes
4:00pm Open Women's Final 20 minutes
4:20pm Open Men's Final 20 minutes
4:40pm Jr. Women's Final 20 minutes
5:00pm Junior's Final 20 minutes
Attention all competitors – please fill out your surfer profile for the commentators to use during the contest. Click here to fill it out.