South Bay Surf Series


The South Bay Surf Series is a five-event contest series presented by the South Bay Boardriders Club with the support of local surf shops and businesses.

The contests are open to all surfers with 11 divisions ranging from the under-9 year-old Micro Grom division to the over-50 Legends division. Surfers of all competitive experience levels are welcome to participate in the Surf Series, whether its your first-ever contest or are an experienced competitor looking to brush up on your competitive skills.

All competitors receive a contest t-shirt and free lunch along with other goodies while finalist from all divisions win great prize-packs.

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How to Enter
There are multiple ways to enter the South Bay Surf Series:


The most convenient way to enter is through our website. The online entry deadline is the Thursday night prior to each event.

Mail or in-person

Download the entry form and mail your entry & payment to us or you may drop off the entry at the surf shop who is sponsoring the contest.

At the Beach

Beach entries are subject to space availability and are honored on the first-come-first-serve basis. A $15 extra charge applies to all beach entries.



Youth Divisions
  • Micro Groms (9 & under)
  • Assisted Micro Groms (9 & under)
  • Groms (12 & under)
  • Boys (14 & under)
  • Juniors (18 & under)
  • Junior Women (18 & under)
Open and Adult Divisions
  • Open Men (all ages)
  • Open Women (all ages)
  • Open Longboard (all ages)
  • Masters (40-49)
  • Legends (50+)

Entry Fees

Youth Divisions (18 and under):
  • Club Member – $30.00
  • Non-Club Member – $40.00
Open and Adult Divisions:
  • Club Member – $40.00
  • Non-Club Member – $50.00

Any additional division - $20.00
*Beach entries are $15.00 extra for all divisions

Frequently asked questions about the South Bay Surf Series

When is the entry deadline?

The entry deadline is the Wednesday prior to the event at 11:45pm.
After the deadline, we will only accept beach entries on a first-come-first-serve basis. No exceptions.

No. Anyone can compete in the South Bay Surf Series. However, members get a discount on their entry fees.

We post the contest schedule on Friday evening prior to the contest.

The assisted Micro Grom division allows a parent/coach to accompany the competitor into the lineup to push and assist with catching waves during the heat.
This division was created because surfers in this age group are at various levels of development including the ability to catch waves on their own within the short timeframe of a heat.


Current Surf Series Ratings

RatingNameTotal PointsEvent 1Event 2Event 3Event 4Event 5
1Jamie Meistrell1336672256141
2Eddie Lester1000010000
3Aryn Farris1000010000
4Dylan Melamed85008500
5Souichiro Yuki85008500
6Kent Nishiya72257225
7Kyle Beatty649627253771
8Nathaniel Scribner61416141
9Jesse Chacon52205220
10Codee Stamis52205220
11C. J. Dombrovskyi463223162316
12Derek Aubrey44374437
13Kyle Brown44374437
14Wil Reid37713771
15Andy Prunauer37713771
16Brad Gross32063206
17Mark Jimenez32063206
18Tracy Upton32063206
19Tracey Meistrell27252725
RatingNameTotal PointsEvent 1Event 2Event 3Event 4Event 5
1Natalie Anzivino1572572258500
2Emily Seth1464185006141
3Sara Kohrogi1000010000
4Reika Noro1000010000
5Sue Wilkinson764344373206
6Hali Honea753623165220
7Lauren Friedrich72257225
8Emma Waldinger716227254437
9Emily Flavin61416141
10Jordan Wible44374437
11Charlotte Sabina37713771
12Chloe Klineman27252725
RatingNameTotal PointsEvent 1Event 2Event 3Event 4Event 5
1Megan Seth1445072257225
2Emma Waldinger12725272510000
3Hali Honea1170632068500
4Charlotte Sabina1044052205220
5Kyra Williams1000010000
6Jordan Wible85008500
7Emily Seth845723166141
8Sophia Arky754237713771
9Lauren Friedrich716227254437
10Sara Kohrogi61416141
11Amelie Vergnolle44374437
12Chloe Klineman37713771
13Emily Flavin32063206
14Peri Nathan32063206
15Maddy Watson23162316
16Chloe Osborn23162316
RatingNameTotal PointsEvent 1Event 2Event 3Event 4Event 5
1Codee Stamis17225100007225
2Cody Purcell14437443710000
3Chad Parks1227185003771
4Joe Duerr1044052205220
5Kyle Beatty864772251422
6Soma Hirahara85008500
7West Adler697737713206
8Clay Norian61416141
9Zach Rosenberg61416141
10Matt Hodges574037711969
11Alex Fry552232062316
12Ryan Ulrich469419692725
13Chad Coons44374437
14Jake Johnson441532061209
15Robert Bixler393819691969
16Bram Sprokkereef309516731422
17Wil Reid27252725
18Matthew Amano27252725
19Sean Ely23162316
20Nate Baker23162316
21Bryce Snaguski23162316
22Matthias Kelterborn23162316
23Nathan Friedman23162316
24Lachlan Robinson23162316
25Hunter Bernard19691969
26Greyson Dunn19691969
27Kodai Kato19691969
28Drake Brown16731673
29Brendan Miller16731673
30Cade Bruno16731673
31Sean Ryan14221422
32Robbie Itzinger14221422
33Souichiro Yuki14221422
34Cole Yoshida12091209
35Rodney Buck III12091209
RatingNameTotal PointsEvent 1Event 2Event 3Event 4Event 5
1Beck Adler1572572258500
2Chad Parks14437100004437
3Alex Fry1372085005220
4Shohei Kato1000010000
5Zach Rosenberg991237716141
6Kieran Walls756361411422
7Nathaniel Harris754237713771
8Soma Hirahara72257225
9Sam Reichel52205220
10Chase Coppedge517532061969
11Matthew Hahn504127252316
12Charlie Winkworth469419692725
13Shane Frontino463223162316
14Shane Moseley462814223206
15Sebastian Kuhr44374437
16Carlos Price-Gracida398923161673
17Beck Cherry393819691969
18Bennett Kelly37713771
19Spencer Paine364219691673
20Alek Wilson352523161209
21Luke Humphrey32063206
22Victor Erland32063206
23Rodney Buck309516731422
24Troy Gleason309514221673
25Joshua Terry27252725
26Parker Browning27252725
27Calvin Hoffman263114221209
28Joey Samuelian23162316
29Ryan Hughes23162316
30Alex Iantuono23162316
31Trevor Khan223712091028
32Greyson Dunn19691969
33Colin White19691969
34Kai Cohen19691969
35Briggs Peus16731673
36Trey Mahan16731673
37Kyra Williams16731673
38Jesse McBride16731673
39Taylor Dalmau14221422
40Wade Nygren14221422
41Mason Bemis14221422
42Nicholas Cerofeci14221422
43Kyle Delmendo14221422
44Hudson Fredriksz14221422
45Andrew Laurin14221422
46Cole Carignan14221422
47Joshua Belofsky12091209
48Cooper Tendoesschate12091209
49Anders Sprokkereef12091209
50Tanner Batcheller12091209
51Jacob Samia12091209
52Kodai Kato12091209
53Chase Wood12091209
54Dilon Swartzlander10281028
55Tucker Templeton10281028
56Jonathan Fox10281028
RatingNameTotal PointsEvent 1Event 2Event 3Event 4Event 5
1Beck Adler200001000010000
2Kieran Walls1170632068500
3Shane Moseley1043132067225
4Karsten Wanke889872251673
5Joey Samuelian85008500
6Jake Chandler820837714437
7Finn Bertino811061411969
8Billy Atkinson794552202725
9Shohei Kato61416141
10Matthew Hahn574037711969
11Ben Oien52205220
12Jake Rosenberg44374437
13Cash Cherry414727251422
14Bennett Kelly37713771
15Luke Slanina373823161422
16Kierra Fedio373823161422
17Alex Iantuono32063206
18Ada Frandsen284414221422
19Grant Brugma27252725
20Teddy Stavropoulos23162316
21Lance Brugma23162316
22Kevin Elliott23162316
23Cory Bergmann23162316
24Luke Personius23162316
25Brielle Anderson19691969
26Leo Schleyer19691969
27Kelly Murphy16731673
28Tanner Batcheller16731673
29Thomas Southey14221422
30Chris Connor14221422
31Carlos Price-Gracida14221422
32Sam Roskin14221422
33Tony Cerofeci14221422
34Rhett Messer12091209
35Mathias Lentz12091209
36Chloe Osborn12091209
RatingNameTotal PointsEvent 1Event 2Event 3Event 4Event 5
1Jake Chandler200001000010000
2Karsten Wanke1572572258500
3Cory Bergmann1464185006141
4Finn Bertino1166244377225
5Stone Seligson991261413771
6Enzo Kerley899152203771
7Magnus Frandsen820837714437
8Thor Kowal52205220
9Kai Kushner37713771
RatingNameTotal PointsEvent 1Event 2Event 3Event 4Event 5
1Griffin Fields200001000010000
2Thor Kowal1572572258500
3Alexa Niemann1464185006141
4Jonny Herrouin1336661417225
5Ava Miller899137715220
6Miles Venegas887444374437
7Winfield Gurney52205220
8Fynn Wanke463223162316
9Logan Williams37713771
10Gavin Turner32063206
11Tegan Williams32063206
12Max Gorodetzki27252725
13Quincy Fredriksz23162316
14Jack Barnes19691969
15Blake Gurney19691969
16Kirra Troeger16731673
RatingNameTotal PointsEvent 1Event 2Event 3Event 4Event 5
1Warren Kushner200001000010000
2Dave Schaefer1336661417225
3Greg McEwan887444374437
4Patrick Murphy85008500
5Alex Gorodetzki85008500
6Bob Sievers842652203206
7Jason Leeds794527255220
8Scott Whitmer72257225
9Nick Votto61416141
10Todd Brooks37713771
11Frankie Mazzotta37713771
12Troy Campbell37713771
13Jimmy Papik32063206
14Mark Silva32063206
15Johnny Hjorth27252725
16Chris Rodriguez27252725
17Brad Gross23162316
18Kris Vensel23162316
RatingNameTotal PointsEvent 1Event 2Event 3Event 4Event 5
1Mike Purpus1572572258500
2Mark Silva14437100004437
3Steve Compas1372085005220
4Rodney Williams1000010000
5Troy Campbell899152203771
6Chris Moseley72257225
7Bob Sievers697737713206
8Doug Smith61416141
9Scott Daley61416141
10Otts Akamine44374437
11Kevin Cody37713771
RatingNameTotal PointsEvent 1Event 2Event 3Event 4Event 5
1Dave Schaefer1700085008500
2West Adler1445072257225
3Johnny Hjorth13771100003771
4Steven Wilson13771377110000
5Greg McEwan1057861414437
6Ed Solt1057844376141
7Troy Campbell753652202316
8Frank Mazzotta552223163206
9Steven Buchan52205220
10Beck Cherry463223162316
11Nick Votto37713771
12Clint Spinella32063206
13Steve Compas32063206
14Joshua Terry27252725
15Alex Fry27252725
16Emma Waldinger23162316
17Rodney Buck19691969
18Cash Cherry19691969
19Sarah Foley19691969
20Emma Anderson19691969
21Isabel Frandsen16731673
22Cole Yoshida16731673